Firm Lamination Mylar Aluminium and Aluminized Esd Moisture Barrier Vacuum Bag

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Firm Lamination Mylar Aluminium and Aluminized ESD Moisture Barrier Vacuum Bag 


1. Introduction for ESD Moisture Barrier Vacuum Bag 

The moisture barrier vacuum bag as known as foil bags, provide moisture, corrosion and shielding protection for sensitive components.

*Strong hot sealing and firm lamination of different layers of material

*Stopping water and oxygen

*Strong puncture resistance ability

*Excellent moisture & oxygen barrier

* Packing product that is sensitive to moisture

* Surface resistance: 108-1011

* Applicable to pack electronic products which are sensitive to static, such as PC board, IC integrated circuit ,CD driver, HD


2. Parameter for ESD Moisture Barrier Vacuum Bag





Metal layer resistance




Shielding capability




Shielding voltage


<10 V


Water Vapor Transmission



Oxygen transmission



Tensile strength


>24Ib(10 kg)


Chemical Properties

* Corrosion: No effect on aluminum, copper, silver, Pb-Sn coated foil, stainless steel, or low carbon steel

* Silicone oil, amides, n-octavio acid: None detected

* Rosh: Compliant

3. Features for ESD Moisture Barrier Vacuum Bag

a. Good moisture barrier and ESD protection

b .Cost effective

c. Light weight and puncture resistance: Easily conforms to the shape of products during vacuum packaging.

·Static safe, dissipative inner and outer surfaces.

·Amine free passes out gassing and corrosion tests.

·Used for packaging SMD's in trays, shipping tubes, and tape and reel.

·Printed with ESD and moisture warning symbols.

·Heat Seal-able.

4. Picture for ESD Moisture Barrier Vacuum Bag


5. Produce Line for ESD Moisture Barrier Vacuum Bag 


6. Packaging for ESD Moisture Barrier Vacuum Bag 


7. Certificates for ESD Moisture Barrier Vacuum Bag 


8. Company & Partners Display


We have cooperated with many big companies,such as SEKISUI, SAMSUNG, SONY, WISTRON, DAXON and so


9. FAQ

Q1. Do you have your own factory?

Yes, we are professional and reliable manufacturer of Anti static bags and bubble mailers with over 15 years experience in this market since founded in 1999. We have 4 factories in China mainland. 

Q2. What should i do if i want a quote?

Please kindly provide us your envelope size, quantity, material. If you need customized printing, please help to provide your logo design as well.

Q3. What is your payment term?

For small order, we accept PayPal, Western Union. Large order we allow 30% T/T deposit paid when placing the order and the balance paid before shipping.

Q4. What information should I provide to get your quick quotation?

-The size (Thickness*Width* Length)

-The colors

-the style (zip-lock, plain end, self-adhesive, rolls)

-the color of your logo (single colors or different color mixed)

-The quantity.

-if you need us to quote you the price with the shipping cost, please inform me your address or port.

-If you have special requirement, please help to inform me.

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