ESD Shielding Bag / Static Protective Shielding Film

​ESD shielding bag or shielding film helps provide a static safe environment for sensitive electronic devices. ROSH,REACH Approved. The normal film structure has 4 layers , from outside to inside as ESD ployester,metallized layer,ployester,ESD ployethylene.

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shielding bag material

. Features: (we can offer stock free sample for test before order, accept customized order)

-ESD shielding bag or shielding film helps provide a static safe environment for sensitive electronic devices. ROSH,REACH, SGS Approved. 

- Protect electrostatic discharge sensitive devices and originals from electrostatic discharge.

- Enhance durability by placing the metal layer between polyester and polythene.

- Translucent bag body offers easy identification of the contained items.

- Solid material provides resistance to tears and cuts during shipping.

- Both the material and the entire bag are light, which saves freights.

- Featuring high strength, resistance to penetration, pounding , tearing and wrinkle, it is flexible and elastic.

- Prevent accumulation of electrostatic charges. The anti-static feature makes it static-free when there is friction with other materials.

- Structure of material: APET/CPP

- Manufacture: composite

- Major scenarios: shipping and packaging of electrostatic discharge sensitive electronics and components such as PCB, IC etc.

Customization Options: 

Bag type: flat(normal)\zip-lock(normal)\enveloped\self-adhesive enveloped\accordion\stereo zip-lock(normal)

Color: translucent (Silver)

Edge-sealing: double edge-sealing or triple edge-sealing

Size of edge-sealing: 5 mm/7 mm/10 mm

Edge-sealing manufacture: heat seal

Single-face Thickness: 0.037mm-0.212mm

Color/Printing: customizable 1-4 color printing

shielding bag types

. Parameter:



Test Standard

Film Thickness

3mils (0.075mm)N/A
Seam Strength

Heat Sealing conditions

220-230℃, 2 seconds N/A
Surface   Resistivity

108-1011 Ohms/sqAmbient temperature:  23
relative humidity: 12%
Time :48 hours 
Static Decay

<2 seconds N/A
Static Shielding


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We are a professional manufacturer of making package bags since1999

Mainly anti static packing bags have  esd shielding bag, esd shielding film, antistatic moisture barrier bag, esd metalized bag,esd conductive bag, esd padded bag etc.

antistatic bag

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