APET Shielding ESD Film

ESD Protection Industrial Shielding Film Roll The kind of esd shielding film roll can keep static-sensitive components away from the potential static danger to the largestextent.

Product Details


1. Features of APET Shielding ESD Film


static dissipative coating.jpg

2. Product Parameter of APET Shielding ESD Film


3. Product Show of APET Shielding ESD Film

1-shielding roll type.jpg

4. Produce Line of APET Shielding ESD Film

1-line of shielding roll.jpg

5. Package of APET Shielding ESD Film

1-package of shielding roll.jpg

6. Certifications of APET Shielding ESD Film 

test report.jpg

7. Company & Partners Display

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8. Related antistatic film roll

1-related roll products.jpg

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