Electric Protection Shielding Film

ESD metalized Mylar shielding film roll are designed for storage and shipment of electrostatic sensitive semi-conductor components and assemblies, giving them ultimate protection.

Product Details

.Description of Electric Protection Shielding Film 

Prevent incoming static charges from damaging ESD-sensitive products.

3 mil translucent metallic bags for easy content identification.

Metal "Faraday cage" layer shields products from electric energy inside and prevents static build-up.

4-layer protection guards against charges inside and out.

shielding film

. Product Parameter of Electric Protection Shielding Film

esd shielding film

. Product Show of Electric Protection Shielding Film

1-shielding roll type.jpg

. Produce Line of Electric Protection Shielding Film

line of shielding roll

5. Package of Electric Protection Shielding Film

package of shielding roll

6. Certifications of Electric Protection Shielding Film 

esd bag test

7. Company & Partners Display

esd bag

8. Related antistatic film roll

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