Anti Static PE Black Conductive Bag / Film

The Anti static conductive bags and films produced with a carbon black additive to provide protection for sensitive electronic devices or to line containers where explosive materials are stored. They also offer a virtually unlimited shelf life and execellent corrosion resistance, and will not contaminate products with which they come in contact. We can customize the conductive bag size, printing. Before order, we will send you free stock samples.

Product Details
a conductive bag

1. Product Introduction: (we can offer stock free sample for test before order, accept customized order)   

• Soft texture full of flexibility ;

• Surface resistance : <10^6 Ω,

• Static release time :less than 2 seconds • can used to pack any goods as your requirement.

• Being blow molded from LDPE and LLDPE , relatively low cost and widely used ;

• The bag is lightweight with a flexible tactile feedback, and is easy to use and carry.

• Great charge bleeding performance, stable conductivity and good lightproof performance.

• Featuring high strength, resistance to penetration, pounding , tearing and wrinkle, it is flexible and elastic.

• Packing electronic products sensitive to static, such as IC, LCD, Electronic components, FPC, etc

Color: Black

Material: conducting film                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Manufacture: Blow molded by LDPE added with conductive black and anti-cavitation agent

Optional Size: 6*6"+3"、8*6"+3"、10*8"+3"、12*10"+4"、15*12"+4" or customzied

2.  Product Data Sheet:  

NoItemAmerican Society for Testing Materials ASTMTest standardUnitTest result
1Melt indexD1238GB3682g/10min2.1
2Water absorption rateD570GB/96-04-10%0.5
4Tensile strengthMD TDGB/96-04-10MpaMD:32.01 TD:33.75
5Breaking elongation rateMD TDGB/96-04-10%MD:1200 TD:685
6Friction coefficientOutre surface Inner surfaceGB/96-04-10Us Ud0.09 0.08
7Static dissipation5000-OVSJ/T10694-1996Sec.<2
8Heat seal temperature/GB/96-04-10F250-375
9Capacitance releaseE1A541SJ/T10694-1996V<15KVVoltage difference-E1A541
11AppearanceGB/96-04-10Black sheet(No powder and oil


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We are a professional of making package bags since 1999. Besides black conductive PE bag, we also have other

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Our Services

For pre-sale
We will confirm with you all detailed info and give you quotation.

For on-sale
We can send you production pictures about your products if you need.
After finish it,We will inform with you at first time.

For after-sale
we will tracking your order until you receive it
In addtion,we can offer free samples to you test before you place order, you pay freight from Suzhou to your country.

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